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 Executive Summary
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Governing legislation
Canadian Business Corporations Act
USA Address
14 Wall Street, 20th Floor, Manhattan ,
New York City, NY 10005, USA
Contact information

Telephone  : +1-416-323-9633
Toll Free     : +1-833-323-9633
Facsimile   : +1-416-323-1299

    e-mail: servicers@servicers.us
Company imailex: Servicers
Type of corporation
As at the last annual meeeting, HD Faculty Inc. is deemed a Canadian-controlled private corporation (CCPC).
Business activities

The principal business of HD Faculty™ is to provide full service management and research faculties that study, manage, administer, resolve, transform, and produce products and end-to-end solutions for its clientele and/or their respective clients that require research, development, and deployment of market niche products, as well as providing requisite technical, commercial, administrative, and other value-added services and facilities of all kinds for any such company or companies, in and through Servicers Canada, Servicers US, and/or Servicers Europe.

The structure
Servicers US™ is structured as a corporate complex that consists of a series of specialized faculties that are mandated to study, manage, administer, resolve, transform, and bring to fruition their clients' projects and/or programs in a timely, prudent, and transparent manner.
Core values

The core value of HD Faculty™ is to do that which it is in business to do, through the seeking of honour over wealth that leads to prosperity and honour!

Growth strategy
In accordance with the provisions of its charter, and with the aim of fulfilling the stated requirements thereof, HD Faculty™ has adopted a growth strategy that requires it to establish and maintain liquidity and reserve facilities for its (a) investment management, (b) asset growth, (c) income normalization, and (d) expenditure needs and requirements in respect to its global operations, as well as its mergers and acquisitions activities.
Eligible shareholders

Categories: (1) Faculty members: directors, officers, and employees of HD Faculty™, collectively, may own a maximum 10% of Servicers US™; (2) qualified American controlled institutions may own a maximum of 10%; and (3) eligible American controlled corporations that are deemed affiliated companies, strategic partners, members, participants, and/or eligible service providers of HD Faculty Inc. and/or Pension Funds, collectively, may own a maximum of 10% of Servicers US™.

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Legal Notice: Be advised this website contains several forward looking statements.
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